Foo Fighters Camping

City Camping is THE ORIGINAL, CLOSEST, BIGGEST and BEST campsite if you're looking to go camping while at the MK Bowl.
Stay with City Camping for the Foo Fighters concert from £39 per person!

* FREE Parking
* FREE Shuttle Buses to the MK Bowl
* 24hrs security
* Hot showers
* Toilets
* Onsite food
* FREE Electric points for charging your phones
* Chill Out zone
* Quiet camping zone

Foo Fighters

5th & 6th Sep 2015

Foo Fighters

5th & 6th Sep 2015

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safe, secure and fun

City Camping offers the closest, most secure campsite to the MK Bowl. We are fully equipped with showers, toilets, onsite food and a 24hr professional security team, to make sure your tent and your stuff are lovely and safe while you are dancing the night away.

Arrive and park your car, erect your tent, have a few drinks with your mates, take a hot shower and maybe even enjoy a barbecue before heading off to the MK Bowl. We are the closest and most kick ass campsite for the Bowl – FACT!


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